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With the power to erase physical limitations that come with carrying many gift cards in your wallet, you can send and receive digitized gift cards from friends and loved ones.

Buy and Trade


Buy and Send

Want to buy or send a gift card? Download our app and choose from hundreds of options. It’s that simple



Forgot or lost your gift card? We got you. Securely digitize your gift cards and have them handy on your phone.

Sell and Auction


Sell and Trade

Got a gift card you want to get rid of? List it on our marketplace.

What we offer

Secure Wallet

Secure wallet

With our proprietary e-wallet technology, you can store as many gift cards as you want without any worry of theft or value loss.

Fraud Prevention

Environmentally Friendly Gift Card

By buying and sending digital gift cards, you can help reduce over 50,000 Tons of plastic from ending up in landfills each year

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